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Daycare Programs

We provide engaging and full-immersion Spanish through STEM learning opportunities for children two and older. We find creative ways of simplifying complex topics and making them more relatable to young blooming minds. Contact us to see how we can help enhance the children's learning experience at your daycare!

After School Programs

We offer engaging and hands-on after-school programs for elementary schools or other organizations. Each program can be customized to the schools needs, but typically are 5-12 classes long and last 1-2 hours a class


We also offer Spanish through STEM/STEAM. In these classes, students are emerge in the Spanish language while learning STEM/STEAM components.

Summer Programs

We love partnering with our community and local organizations by providing them with engaging activities for their summer programs targeting students in K-12 grade.


Spanish Classes

We offer Spanish through STEM classes for children 2 years old through elementary school. These are Spanish immersion classes where we speak Spanish the majority of the time and students learn about different STEM/STEAM topics while learning Spanish. 

We also offer online, one-on-one private or group, Spanish classes for middle and high school students. 


Our STEM/STEAM classes are interactive classes where students' creativity and curiosity can bloom. The classes are offered in modules. Each module can be customized to be anywhere from 5-10 weeks. "Chemical Reactions" and "The Engineering Design Process" are two of our most popular modules.

Assemblies & Community Events

We offer workshops and presentations at libraries, schools, and other organizations as well.

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