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About Our Company


M.E.T.A.S. STEM, LLC. is a family-owned company with a passion to teach. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of.

Damaris Ponciano-Jackson (she/her), CEO

Damaris Ponciano-Jackson is a first-generation Guatemalan immigrant that has been teaching at different organizations and schools since 1992. She loves spending time with her children exploring, cooking, going to church, and traveling.  

Damaris gained research experience through organizations such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health. 

Ms. Ponciano-Jackson is well-respected and has abundant experience teaching children, adolescents and adults. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and strives to ensure her students pursue their interests through education. 


Our Team

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Angelique Jackson (she/her)
Angie is an Honors college student majoring in STEM. She has been helping teach students of all ages since 2011. On her free time, Angie enjoys spending time with friends and family, participating in school clubs and activities, and learning new languages.


Jayden Jackson (he/him)
Jayden is a successful hardworking high school student that enjoys searching below the surface of topics he's intrigued by. He is also an aspiring engineer, always looking for opportunities to build something new. Jayden has experience mentoring students in 3D printing and technology. When he's not teaching or supporting fellow team members, Jayden spends his time studying, playing the guitar, and spending time with friends and family.


Anaya Jackson (she/her)
Anaya might be the youngest member of the M.E.T.A.S. team, but she doesn't let her young age stop her from helping out wherever she can. She's kind, compassionate, and serves as a role model for the students. Anaya enjoys exploring children's entrepreneurial venues such as the Acton Children's Business Fairs, painting, science experiments, and is a self proclaimed Lego master!


Jensine Lucas (she/her)
Jensine is a middle school Science teacher in Southern California. She earned her Masters of Arts in Teaching degree from Pepperdine University and her Bachlor's of Science degree in Child and Adolecent Development and minor in Music from CSU, Fullerton. So far as a teacher, she currently holds a multiple subject credential, a single subject credential in foundational Science and a bilingual authorization. She enjoys attending professional development conferences and is a certified AVID teacher for science. When she is not teaching, Jensine enjoys gardening, playing keyboard, spending time with family, and finding delicious places to eat with her husband.

Ruth Rosado (she/her)
Ruth Rosado has been teaching Spanish to children under M.E.T.A.S. for the past two years. She finds joy in teaching because it is a learning experience for both her and the students.  When she's not teaching, Ruth enjoys singing, drawing, cooking and spending time with her family.


Lesly Martinez (she/her)
Lesly has experience in multiple areas and has been working with children for over 25 years. She is passionate about helping others and encouraging young minds to learn and explore STEM topics, as well as the Spanish language. Lesly has assisted M.E.T.A.S. in successfully organizing multiple community outreach events in both the East and West coasts. On her free time, Lesly enjoys doing special occasion party planning and events. She also loves spending time with her husband, hanging out with family, exploring new recipes, and playing with her two dogs, Preciosa and Ginger!

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